During these last months I’ve discovered a complex and fascinating world called fashion retail.

It is not just about describing new flagship stores or big department stores, the topic is actually broader. You gotta dig into economical issues and understand how and why things are done by a design point of view. Behind any decision concerning design field there’s a rank of symbolic values, and we ought to be aware of that before analyzing a creative fields such fashion industry.

Retail spaces have become more and more a crucial and strategic point in fashion business. Every single retail space I picked up in my collection is an effective store, in the sense that -from a design point of view- is a good representation of a structured expression of values. In this extent, retail design is so important that big companies have to hire top architects to best design their boutiques all over the world.

But fashion companies are not just facing aesthetic issues, as they are involved also in many economical matters. We ought to know that a fashion company is a design based business kept up by strict management rules. From this perspective, a careful and well-planned strategic line in retail policy seems to be a major key to success. 

Light design is a crucial side of interior design. It recalls both visual merchandising and architecture: function and aesthetic. The match point between the economical side and the design world -as a way of doing things-. 

For the rest, I really enjoyed doing this blog. See you soon, maybe with a new project.

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H&M swedish low-cost fashion brand is quitting the format. Its newest points of sale seem to have a totally different style, compared to the ones we are used to see.
Estudio Mariscal designed the Barcelona's store, while Universal Design Studio created a new flagship store in SeoulJean Nouvel (Excelsior) designed the parisian store.

Visualizza H&M in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

NikeFuel Station showcase store in London, at Boxpark East London. This futuristic store was set in a temporary shopping mall, taking advantage of the awaiting for the Olympics that London is hosting this year. Interactive retail experience is a new challenge for Nike, whose stores are becoming more and more leading in visual merchandising. This pop-up store was presented in a short clip at the Fuorisalone, during this year’s Design Week, by the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa